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Asset Management

We have the experience, ingenuity and mechanisms to support you to build the right strategy regarding your investment so you can maximize returns and minimize unnecessary risks

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For you who decided to invest in real estate, we offer you our experience, wits and networks to help you make the right decisions to keep your investment up to it’s highest value, away from unnecessary risks.

Despite working under the same principles that govern financial market, real estate investments have challenges of it’s own and requires specialized experience: property faces the risk of damage, tends to deteriorate over time, taking more complex processes to buy and sell. 

This is the reason we devote ourselves to watch the market, keep up to date with research and trends, and stay informed of all relevant news while navigating the complex legal and tax rules governing investment property in the United States.

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There are different kinds of real estate where you can hold your portfolio:

  • Residential properties including homes and condominiums

  • Commercial properties such as office buildings and apartment complexes

  • Mixed-use properties that cater to both business and residential tenants

  • Retail properties such as storefronts

  • Vacation properties that are meant specifically for seasonal residence

​Just as in traditional capital market investments, the key of a winning real estate investment strategy relies on the right diversification of types, zones and markets; choosing the right assets, compatible with your investment strategy, risk tolerance, and investment goals

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As real estate asset managers, Panoply will hold responsibility for:

  • Operational Oversight 

  • Strategic Management 

  • Budgeting 

  • Transaction Management 

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting

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